Victoria police issue warning over antifa.

Victoria Police have issued a warning over the three-day-long Antifa riot planned for next week in Melbourne.

The Revolutionary Marxist group Socialist Alternative has for months been organising extremists around the country, in an attempt to shut down the three-day-long IMARC international mining conference in Melbourne. The Trotskyist group and its allies have publicly declared on multiple occasions that their intent is to recreate the S11 riots of 2000, the largest left-wing riots Melbourne has seen this century. Leaked internal messages from the encrypted messaging app Signal indicate that organisers are expecting somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 protesters to take part in their attempt to shut down the Victorian state government-sponsored mining conference.

Victoria Police, seemingly stunned out of their willing blindness by the recent Extinction Rebellion protests (which have cost the taxpayer over $3 million) have redeployed officers from regional areas to the city in an attempt to thwart the extremist group’s ambitions.

Assistant Commissioner Glen Weir told Alex White of the Herald Sun that Victoria Police were preparing for the worst: “we will have to curtail significant proactive crime operations in the regions because we will have to supply the centre”. AC Weir also indicated that police will be taken away from stations across Melbourne and that plain-clothes officers will be put back in uniform to attempt to control the planned riot.

True to Australian journalistic tradition, Alex White also quoted Emma Black (one of the organisers of the “Blockade IMARC Alliance”) in his piece without ever mentioning that she’s an activist with Socialist Alternative. I can understand why Alex overlooked that the spokeswoman for a planned mass riot belongs to a group that wants to overthrow the government and institute a totalitarian socialist state. After all, Ms Black has hidden her affiliations very carefully, by writing for the Socialist Alternative magazine Red Flag and signing off her recent piece about her plans to blockade IMARC in the left-wing Jacobin Magazine by saying:

“Emma Black is an English teacher from Melbourne, Australia. She has a background in continental philosophy and is a member of Socialist Alternative.”

In that same article, Emma praised both the 1999 riots in Seattle and the 2000 S11 riots in Melbourne, declaring that the blockade next week will continue that tradition.

Emma is also a member of the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy, which recently published the book “Marx and Art: a new take on Karl Marx’s view of art and literature”.

So yes, clearly a very big secret. Poor Alex never stood a chance.

But hey, you can’t expect a journalist from a major newspaper to go to the trouble of a five-second Google search. No doubt Alex had far more important things to do.

It’s good to see Victoria Police and the Herald Sun finally catching up with The Unshackled. While the wider public has remained ignorant, if you had been reading TU, you can honestly say you were better informed about the mass disturbances planned in Melbourne next week than both professional journalists and Victoria Police hierarchy. The TU team has been covering this planned mass lawbreaking and the identity of the organisers behind it since early August. In the months since, we have kept you, our readers, informed while Victoria Police hierarchy apparently spent that time snoozing.

No matter how many times they get burned, it seems Victoria Police simply will not learn their lessons when it comes to the identities and groups behind political violence in Victoria. Sadly, when the Marxists and anarchists – who believe that Victoria Police officers are nothing but the fascist tools of an illegitimate system of racist capitalist oppression (and thus are legitimate targets for violence) – clash with the thin blue line, it won’t be the hierarchy ducking the urine-filled balloons, dodging the clubs and retching from the stench of the unwashed.

We can only hope that the fact that they were caught completely flat-footed, by both the recent Extinction Rebellion events and this planned riot in the centre of their capital city, wakes some of those with lots of fancy braid on their hats from their ignorant slumber. Sadly, on past performance, it probably won’t.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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