Socialist Alternative (SAlt) the Marxist group behind the largest of the Anti Adani protests has announced that they are organising a blockade the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) being held in Melbourne between 28-31 October.

The announcement was made in Socialist Alternative’s “Red Flag” newspaper by long term activist and SAlt organiser Sarah Garnham. Ms Garnham also spoke to the Herald Sun newspaper where she stated that the blockade would be “like S11 only for climate”. This was referring to the violent S11 riots outside Crown casino in September 2000 which the Socialist Alternative group attended and helped organise.

The original S11 involved large-scale vandalism and street blockades as well as attacks on police, paramedics and the Premier of Western Australia. With somewhere around 10,000 participants, S11 was one of the largest violent events organised almost soley by the organisations that make up Australia’s extreme Left.

Sarah Garnham. Marxist.
Sarah Garnham of Socialist Alternative

Sarah Garnham was described in the Herald Sun article merely as “co-founder” of the “Shut down IMARC alliance”. This “alliance” has no web site and according to its Facebook page was founded only last month. As even the most basic search would tell you Sarah Garnham is in fact a long-term Socialist Alternative activist having joined the organisation at least as far back as early 2010 making her one of the group’s longer serving members of the new generation.

She was elected on a Socialist Alternative ticket to the Monash Student Association as a student councillor and to the National Union of Students as National Education Officer. She came to wider public attention as the spokesperson for a rally in outside parliament house in Melbourne in 2013 where effigies of Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott were burned and Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey had to be protected by his security detail after being attacked by a mob. Writing in the Socialist Alternative newspaper about this attack and others organised by Socialist Alternative Garnham declared that what was needed was “more harassment of Liberal ministers” not less and that Liberals needed to be “put on the run”.

Garnham next hit the news as spokesperson for the Monash Socialist Alternative club when it was deregistered by the MSA in 2014 due to allegations of Socialist Alternative members being involved in anti-Semitism and attacks on pro-Israel students. By 2015 Sarah had become the Socialist Alternative “National students organiser”. Sarah had also moved from Monash in Melbourne to Usyd in Sydney to help reinforce the successes of fellow SAlt organiser Omar Hassan who had also moved north to resurrect the USyd branch of SAlt. While at USyd Garnham inadvertently helped display what a creepy, cult like organisation SAlt is by recruiting young student Liam Donohoe who later left the organisation and spilled the beans about his experiences in the USyd student newspaper Honi Soit.

Garnham has continued to move up in the SAlt organisation speaking at several SAlt conferences and contributing regularly to the SAlt newspaper Red Flag as well as to the SAlt theoretical journal Marxist Left Review. The latter is an honour only afforded to those the SAlt heirachy are certain are 100% ideologically sound. Here are some quotes from her finest MLR work: “Against reductionism: Marxism and oppression“:

“The purpose of these arbitrary designations is firstly to justify the real inequalities between different groups of workers in the production process and wider society, and secondly, is a means to sow ideological division within the working class and to obscure workers’ shared interests.”

 “It was only after people began socially identifying with one another on the basis of their shared sexual activities and repression that the medical and legal establishments responded by codifying this identity. Furthermore, once it was established, it was again the repression and silencing of homosexual expression, in combination with the ongoing expansion of social and physical spaces that unknowingly accommodated for freer sexual expression, that led to the emergence of its non-medicalised form: the gay identity.”

Every one of these categories is objectively imposed through structures and then subjectively taken up in different ways. The precise ways in which this construction takes place are important and relevant, but because the anti-essentialists believe that identity is constructed mechanically and uniformly from above, they cannot appreciate the particulars of certain identities. 

Anyone who has had the misfortune to encounter it before will immediately recognise in these quotes the tone, timbre and lexicon of a hardcore Marxist. That’s if you managed to stay awake of course.

Sarah isn’t just a poster-monkey or one of the kids SAlt stations on fold out tables to harvest phone numbers with phoney petitions. She’s a devout fanatic. Just last month she wrote in the Red Flag newspaper that:

Socialism is the rational alternative to the disaster that is capitalism… The creation of a rational society will require revolutionary transformation. The capitalist class and its institutions will need to be defeated and destroyed… There are no sacred and immovable properties of borders or nations. They exist to police, commodify and brutalise people. And under socialism there would be no need for any of that. 

Sarah is not an environmentalist or a hippie who hugs trees. She and those like her are hardcore communists who see the murderous failures of their Marxist creed in the 20th century as a mere misstep on the road to paradise. To them real communism has never been tried, and in their minds the mountains of corpses from the last attempt are no reason not to have another go again.

Marxist. Murderers.
This is where Marxism always ends. And yet they always want to try again

So to sum up a long time far left extremist activist who openly states that she wants to overthrow the current political system by force has announced that she intend to organise the largest riots Melbourne has seen in almost 20 years. And the sole (supposedly “right wing”) newspaper that picked up the story didn’t even bother to mention the name of the extremist group that she’s been a public representative of for almost a decade or to even name the extremist ideology she’s advocated for all that time.

An activist who was involved in a university anti-Semitism scandal and who organised and advocated for violent mobs to “confront” federal government ministers and put them “on the run” in a partially successful bid to intimidate them out of holding public events is openly advocating for an illegal blockade of a public event involving thousands of people over multiple days and it rated a pathetic couple of inches of newsprint.

If you want to know why Conservatives can’t even hold a meeting without it being blockaded by black masked fanatics while the Left is free to indulge the most violent and deluded of its extremists without any blowback whatsoever the unforgivable negligence of our media class in not even bothering to tell the public that these extremists exist bears a significant part of the blame.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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