Priya De

Priya De of Socialist Alternative Queensland leading an "Extinction Rebellion/Uni Students for climate Justice" event in Canberra.

Anti Adani protest organiser and University of Queensland student union councillor Priya De has declared “F*ck Australia” and that if someone put a gun to her head and forced her to choose between China and Australia, she would prefer to be shot. She also declared that Australia was not really a democracy because the Aboriginals were here first, that Australia tortures asylum seekers in detention centres and that “Aussie values” are nothing but murdering workers and vandalising the environment.

Tell us what you really think Priya…

It will probably not shock you to learn that Priya is an organiser for Socialist Alternative (SAlt), a Trotskyist extremist group that wants to overthrow the government and implement a totalitarian state. If you’ve ever heard of SAlt before it also won’t surprise you to learn that while Priya is an organiser and speaker for the SAlt Anti-Adani front group “Uni Students for Climate Justice”, she is also involved in organising for a raft of other issues dear to the heart of the extreme left.

Priya De of Socialist Alternative back in her ANU days. Hands on hips ready to complain.

Priya has been a Marxist organiser and a member of Socialist Alternative since at least June 2015. She first came to light as a student at ANU attempting to stir up industrial disputes with her employers at Crust Pizza as part of one of SAlt’s many attempts to gain a foothold in the union movement. She eventually switched degrees and moved to Brisbane at the instigation of the organisation to better develop the SAlt branch at UQ. Earlier this year, Priya was a key speaker at the national conference of Socialist Alternative in Melbourne where her topic was “Far Right Fantasies: The Myth of White Victimhood.” In August 2017, Priya led a masked mob of Socialist Alternative thugs to attack the AGM of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. She is a busy girl.

Priya De patiently explains to the Socialist Alternative national conference exactly why white people are bad.

In May this year, Priya was instrumental in the campaign to force UQ to refuse funding from the Ramsay Centre to set up a degree in Western Civilisation. The Ramsay Centre had proposed to offer $43 million to the University of Queensland to run its Western Civilisation degree course as part of UQ’s humanities program. Priya was front and centre campaigning against it, describing those who wanted a pro-Western civilisation degree – to match the African studies and Indigenous studies already offered by the university – as being unable to “stomach anyone in society – students in particular – challenging their white supremacism.”

Priya sees “White Supremacy” almost everywhere. She would have made a great witch hunter back in the day.

Priya’s comments about how much she hates Australia were a response to backlash she received for refusing to support the “Transparency 4 UQ” protests demanding transparency and accountability from the University regarding its disclosure of ties to China.

Andrew Bartlett – former senator and current convenor of the Qld Greens – addresses the crowd. According to Priya he’s now somehow some sort of racist White Nationalist or something.

According to Priya, opposing Australian conservatives funding degrees in Australia with teaching guidelines attached is anti-racist, but opposing the People’s Republic of China funding degrees in universities in Australia with teaching guidelines attached is very racist indeed. Almost White Supremacist you might say (Priya certainly would).

Priya and her friends at Socialist Alternative UQ were terrified at the racist White Nationalist atmosphere created by this Tibetan monk.

This stance puzzled many of Priya’s associates outside the Socialist Alternative bubble as both Priya and SAlt had only a few days before been fully committed to supporting all the various protests against Chinese authoritarianism that had sprung up in the wake of the protests in Hong Kong and the recent clash at UQ between pro and anti regime students.

Hey let’s protest a nominally Marxist totalitarian regime by making a Marxist salute. That totally makes sense and isn’t hilarious at all!

The truth behind this sudden reversal was a familiar one for anyone who has spent any time observing Marxists and other left-wing extremists. Socialist Alternative had attempted to take over control of the “Transparency 4 UQ” protest and had failed. In response, they attempted to wreck it. If the SAlties can’t control something, then it has to be smashed. To this end, they sent threatening messages. They got both the UQ Greens club and some of the dissident Chinese students to denounce the rally as “Australian Nationalist”, “Racist” and (of course) “White supremacist”. They even managed to throw in accusations of wanting to bring back the anti-Chinese goldfields riots of the 19th century somehow. Priya and some of her allies in academia even managed to get Andrew Cooper, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Australia, banned from speaking for being “Alt-Right” (yes, seriously).

The hissy fit continued after the rally was a success. According to Priya the “Transparency 4 UQ” rally was a “Horrifying racist and nationalist mobilisation” that “had the feel of a white nationalist demonstration”. She accused the Labor Party and Greens members involved of being racists who were guilty of promoting Nationalistic anti-Chinese sentiment.

Priya says this was a horrifying display of racism and white nationalism. Priya perhaps needs a little lie down.

One of the demonstrators even had the temerity to fly an Australian Flag! At UQ! Surely a fascist coup is imminent! (It was a Queensland flag, but honesty has never been a Marxist strong suit).

On her personal Facebook page Priya announced that a rally organised mostly by Young ALP members, attended by Tibetan activists and Falun Gong advocates and addressed by former Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett was “The most horrifying thing I have witnessed on campus in my political life”.

White supremacist asian woman speaks to mixed ethnicity white supremacist crowd holding white supremacist falun gong and free Tibet banners. At least if you live in Priya De’s head of course.

Let’s all hope that Priya gets out more. It sounds like she needs some fresh air.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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