Andy Ngo a journalist and editor of Quillette magazine was badly beaten to the point of bleeding in the brain by masked Antifa thugs on Saturday at a demonstration in Portland on the U.S west coast. Despite the assault happening in broad daylight in front of numerous cameras police are yet to arrest any of his attackers. Thats right, yet again masked Antifa thugs hospitalised a man simply for taking footage of them and the authorities stood by and did nothing.

Masked Antifa Thugs Hospitalise
Andy Ngo. Beaten by extremists for reporting things extremists didn’t want reported. The police did nothing.

The images of Ngo’s injuries and the footage of the diminutive reporter being beaten by a mob of black masked thugs has provoked widespread backlash among prominent right wingers across the English speaking world. The assault has led to renewed calls including from U.S Senator Ted Cruz for the local authorities who regularly enable or ignore far left extremist violence to crack down on the often privileged activists who perpetrate it.

Masked Antifa Thugs Hospitalise
Another Antifa victim from the same event.

Masked Antifa Thugs Hospitalise
Adam Kelly was attempting to help an old man being beaten bloody by a mob of Antifa at the same event where Andy Ngo was hospitalised

The mob of masked leftists had assembled to attack a small right wing demonstration in what has become a common event in the city of Portland. The ranting crowd when prevented from attacking their intended quarry turned on Ngo and a few other individuals judged on the spot to be “fascists” who were then beaten with metal bars, clubs and fists. In addition the assailants of Mr Ngo poured milkshakes filled with quick dry cement onto his head and face. Quick dry cement is extremely alkaline and has been known to cause chemical burns.

Ecoterrorist supporter and Antifa member Alexander Reid Ross insinuates Andy Ngo has it coming for editing a journal that exposed that Reid Ross is an ecoterrorist supporting Antifa member.

Ngo, a gay man of Vietnamese heritage was attacked because he has made a habit of attending Antifa events in Portland and documenting their attacks on opponents, bystanders and property. The journal Quillette for which he is an editor recently published an article by extremism researcher Dr Eoin Lenihan exposing the links between left wing journalists and the violent Antifa extremists whose thuggish actions they excuse and legitimise.

Antifa attacks another man at the same event.

A bearded bystander attempts to save an elderly man bleeding from the head from the Antifa mob and is maced and beaten with clubs and metal poles.

One of the Journalists so exposed by Lenihan and Quillette was Jason Wilson, who was present at the Antifa protest. Wilson is a regular at left wing radical events and has boasted on social media that in recent years he has only missed one protest by the black masked extremist group. Also present were two of the extremists the report linked Wilson to, Alexander Reid Ross and Shane Burley. All three immediately began attempting to justify the attack on Twitter in the wake of the incident, a truly heroic effort considering that they were attempting to defend a masked band of hundreds of armed assailants putting a small gay Asian “nazi” in the hospital.
“Extremism researcher” Will Carless states that Ngo “antagonized” Antifa by reporting on them

Shane Burley an Anarchist activist attempts to justify the mob violence against Andy Ngo
Jason Wilson of Guardian Australia wiuld like you to “contextualize” his friends gang bashing a small asian man.

Other attacks have now been reported as photos and video of dozens of masked attackers surrounding and beating two other lone men in the street in the middle of the day have now come to light. The police have made a number of arrests but none in connection with the Ngo assault. Previous experience of the soft handed policing of far left extremism by Portland authorities suggests that any future arrests, or justice, are both highly unlikely.

Masked Antifa Thugs Hospitalise
The black masked thugs attacked this gay Asian man for being a “nazi”. If they think he’s a nazi worthy of being beaten in the street imagine what they think of you?

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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