EXPOSED: Socialist Alternative Organising Friday’s Anti-Morrison Marches


Socialist Alternative is organising anti-Scott Morrison protests in a dozen cities this Friday. Why is the media cheering them on?

This Friday in a dozen different cities across Australia rallies will be held demanding the resignation of Scott Morrison. These rallies are being organised by “Uni Students For Climate Justice” a front group for Socialist Alternative (SAlt). Socialist Alternative is a Trotskyist organisation that openly declares that it wants to overthrow the government and implement a totalitarian socialist state in the mold of the early Soviet Union.

Socialist Alternative poster for anti Morrison rallies
Poster for the Friday Anti-Morrison rallies. Note the name of the organizers at the bottom.

And not only is nobody in the media mentioning this, they’re
actively cheering it on. So much is their hate for Scott Morrison that they
will help promote events organised by revolutionary Marxists (followers of the
most murderous ideology in human history) if it means a chance to overturn the
results of last year’s election.

It’s not as if the identity of “Uni Students for Climate Justice” is much of a secret. Every single spokesperson it has ever had, from Adelaide to Brisbane to Canberra to Melbourne to Sydney to Perth to Wollongong, has been a Socialist Alternative activist.

“Uni Students for Climate Justice” began in March last year with
the purpose of mobilising university students to fluff out the numbers at the
“Climate school strikes”. The school “strikes” were a manufactured event where
high school kids made the grand sacrifice of skipping a day of school with
their teachers’ permission. What rebels hey?

From the very beginning, the organisation was dominated by
well-known activists from the Socialist Alternative group. Their event in
Canberra was organised by Socialist Alternative activist Kim Stern. The event
in Melbourne was organised by Socialist Alternative activists Anneke Demanuele
and Kath Larkin. In South Australia, the event was organised by Sage Jupe and
Madeleine Edhouse, again of Socialist Alternative. In Sydney, the group was
organised and coordinated by very well-known Socialist Alternative activist
Hersha Kadkol. In Queensland, the effort at UQ was organised by Priya De of
Socialist Alternative and the QUT effort was organised by Catherine Robertson
and Jessica Payne of the QUT Socialist Alternative club.

It’s not a secret. They boast about it. And yet the media
never points out that the “protesters” and “activists” they cheer on are
members of the largest, best organised and most violent political extremist
group in Australia.

The aims of Socialist Alternative and other Trotskyist groups are simple and no secret, in the case of SAlt you can find them in the statement of principles displayed on their website. They aim to divide Australian society into warring camps, stir up conflict and eventually civil war between these groups and then use the disorder to come to power. They then aim to dissolve the police, armed forces and the judiciary and replace them with new, suitably “Marxist” versions under their total control. After that the next step is to abolish the electoral system, the parliaments, the flag, the constitution, the right to own private property, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and especially freedom of speech.

They are obviously not a normal political group and shouldn’t
be treated as such. Yet time after time the mainstream media not only covers up
for them but applauds their activities.

Socialist Alternative March on Morrison
“Uni Students for Climate Justice” complete with red communist flags. On the left with the megaphone is Socialist Alternative organiser Chloe Rafferty (arrested last year for throwing hot coffee over a conservative). On the right in the white shirt is Greens MLA David Shoebridge (a noted associate of left wing extremists).

Again anyone from left or right who has ever had any involvement in university student politics (or has even just walked around a university campus and seen their posters) knows exactly who these people are. Anybody who has ever been involved in any campaign or protest on any vaguely left wing issue knows that Socialist Alternative will inevitably be inside it either as the original organisers or furiously trying to hijack it for their own purposes (as they have with Extinction Rebellion groups all over Australia). This is not a secret organisation, yet they are permitted to hide in plain sight.

This Friday the media will be cheering on the anti-Morrison protests because Australian journalists are mostly lefties who hate Scott Morrison. They hate him for being a white Christian man, they hate him for disagreeing with them on global warming, and they especially hate him for winning last year’s federal election.

I can predict with 100% certainty that the journalists reporting on this Friday’s protests will not tell you who the organisers are. They will even write up quotes from some of the most prominent extremists in Australian society without ever mentioning the groups they belong to or the anti-Australian ideologies that they hold.

The fourth estate, from News Corp to what was once Fairfax,
from commercial television to the ivory tower of the ABC, are knowingly
complicit in the rise and legitimisation of possibly the greatest threat our
country has ever faced.

The journalists know the people they’re supporting are
extremists who hate Australia and want to burn it to the ground. And yet they
still promote them as benign, even heroic “climate activists”.

And that should both terrify and enrage all of us.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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