EXPOSED: Brisbane Adani protest led by Marxist extremists (and a Green)


The rally against the proposed Adani coalmine that blocked roads and caused traffic chaos in Brisbane last Friday night was organised and led by members of an extremist group that wants to overthrow the government and institute a totalitarian state. Seems newsworthy right? But I’m betting you didn’t hear about it.

Climate protest blocks intersections in Brisbane.

Carl Jackson and Catherine Robertson, two activists from the revolutionary Trotskyist group Socialist Alternative organised the rally, led the chants, addressed the crowd and acted as the official spokespersons for the front group that was nominally in charge of the protests “Uni Students for Climate Justice”. Almost all the media ignored this fact.

Catherine Robertson (right) in Melbourne while campaigning for the Socialist Alternative electoral front “Victorian Socialists”

If you’ve been paying attention none of this should shock you. The majority of protests for left wing causes in Australia are either openly organised by or include as participants members of extremist groups who openly declare their hatred for Australia as it currently exists and proclaim their desire to see it destroyed and a socialist paradise erected in its place.

Mob orgabised by Carl Jackson of Socialist Alternative attacks One Nation campaign launch in Brisbane.

Carl Jackson has organised mob attacks on the One Nation Brisbane campaign launch in June 2016 and the One Nation Annual General Meeting in August 2017 as well as gate crashing a Bob Katter press conference in September of last year. Carl is so well known as a Socialist Alternative organiser that in two articles the Brisbane Times actually named him as a member of the violent extremist group. He reportedly fell into extremism while studying at the University of Queensland before moving over to QUT.

Socialist Alternative protesters attempt to shut down One Nation campaign launch. The scared looking chap in the blue bandana is former Academic and long time SAlt organiser Tom Bramble.

Catherine Robertson is the Queensland convenor of “Uni Students for climate justice”, was the main public organiser of the march on Friday and as of now remains the group’s only official spokesperson. Catherine was well known as one of a group of Socialist Alternative activists on the Monash university campus in Melbourne notorious for using intimidation to get their way both in and outside of Student Union meetings. Along with Catherine this group included well known extremist activists such as Daniel Taylor, Jasmine Duff, Chris di Pasquale, Corey Everitt, Beth Jackson and Georgia Leng. Ms Robertson has apparently migrated north and has now hooked up with fellow Marxists on QUT. Catherine has threatened further disruptive protests against the Adani mine with the next due on July 5th proclaiming that not just in Brisbane but all over Australia the Marxist led protests will “Stop the cities to stop Adani”.

Catherine Robertson of Socialist Alternative addresses the protest on friday night.

And yet again amazingly it seems that there are some personalities in the Australian Greens who simply cannot stay away from Marxist organised events. Speaking to the protest on Friday was Greens councillor for the City of Brisbane Jonathan Sri who seems entirely comfortable supporting and speaking alongside people whose stated aim is the overthrow of the government, the implementation of a totalitarian state and the abolition of capitalism via violent revolution. In fact Councillor Sri harangued the crowd calling for mass civil disobedience and urged people to “get arrested”.

Catherine Robertson speaking into a large megaphone with “Socialist Alternative” written on the side and a red flag in the background. Her political views are not much of a secret.

Brisbane Times journalist Tony Moore should be praised for actually mentioning in his coverage that members of the Socialist Alternative were leading the rally. As is usual all other outlets completely ignored the extremist nature of the protest organisers altogether. This is what allows more moderate figures such as former Greens senators Scott Ludlum and Bob Brown to endorse the next set of events organised by “Uni Students for Climate Justice” coming up on July 5th. Bob Brown especially considering his past and current conflicts with Marxist elements inside the Greens may have been more hesitant to support their efforts if the nature of those organising these events were more widely known.

Scott Ludlum former Greens Senator declares his support for a protest organised and led by Marxist extremists.

The greatest ally political extremism has in Australia is the widespread and often deliberate blindness of journalists when it comes to talking about it. That needs to change, and more people speak out about who these people are and what their agenda is the closer the day of that change comes.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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