Drag Queen Protester Persecutor Is a Marxist Activist


Currently the left is in a bit of a tizzy about protesters at a “Drag Queen Story Hour”. The lawyer for the Drag queen is of course a Marxist. Imagine that.

drag queen story hour. Endorsed by Matilda Alexander

Currently the left is in a bit of a tizzy about a dozen or so people who showed up at Brisbane City Library to oppose the rather distasteful spectacle of a publicly funded “Drag Queen Story Hour”.

They’re in so much of a huff over the very idea that anyone from the Right could protest a drag queen in the same fashion that members of the extreme Left protest everything that offends them every other week that they’ve taken the step of seeking legal advice and reporting the rebellious right wing reprobates to the authorities.

Now while it is beyond the legal expertise of your humble interlocutor
to tell you what kind of case the ever more than slightly unsightly female
impersonators might have against those who protested their event, it is within
one’s purview of expertise to inform you of the nature of the legal
representation they sought.

And wouldn’t you know she’s a communist. Imagine that!

The press release by the “Rainbow Families” group that
organised the event had as a contact number down the bottom Matilda Alexander,
President of the LGBTI Legal service.

And wouldn’t you know it but Matilda is quite the character. Before she was trying to persecute those who objected to children being subjected to a drag queen she had quite the past.

Her bio back to 2001 shows her bouncing around various
taxpayer-funded groups of a legal bent. She is the current treasurer and former
principal solicitor for the publicly funded Prisoners Legal Service, has lectured on
Gender and the law at Griffith University, and prepared cases for complainants
regarding the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual

But what was she doing before 2001?

Well here it gets interesting.

Over the ANZAC Day long weekend in 1999 Matilda Alexander,
Griffith University women’s officer, was a featured
 at the Brisbane “Socialism for the new millennium” conference.
The event was run by the Democratic Socialist Party, which was then the
largest, best organised and most violent extreme left-wing group in Australia
and who shortly afterwards would transform themselves into the Trotskyite
umbrella organisation Socialist Alliance.

Apparently it was quite a weekend. A dinner titled “Forty
years of the Cuban Revolution” was held on Saturday evening. I’m sorry I missed

In August 1999 Green Left Weekly reported
that Matilda was associated with the “New Broad Left” student group, an attempt
by the then two biggest Trotskyite groups [DSP and the International Socialist
Organisation] to organise extreme-left groups on university campuses in an
effort to wrest
 of the NUS away from the traditionally dominant Young ALP.

Matilda wasn’t just a member, she was the Queensland
co-convener for NBL, and seemed quite enthusiastic about using the group to
fight mushy mainstream Labor party types, stating:

“You are either with the system or against it, and on an
ideological level NOLS [Young ALP] are part of the system, so I don’t think
they should be included. It is more important to be pro-feminist,
anti-capitalist and fight for queer rights and environmentalism. If you are in
NOLS, you can’t be a revolutionary and be any of these things in a meaningful

A year later in August 2000, not long before taking up her
legal career, Matilda helped lead a rally against John Howard’s policies
on IVF
for lesbians
 alongside the members of Queers Against Corporate
Exploitation who described themselves as:

“A group committed to combating homophobia through the
use of militant forms of direct action and linking our struggle to the
struggles of other oppressed peoples such as women, indigenous people and the
working class.”

QuACE boasted about
organising an illegal occupation of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices in
the Brisbane CBD, blockading Australian
Stock Exchanges on May Day 2001, and organising activists to attend the orgy of
thuggery and vandalism that was the 2000 Melbourne S11 riots.

Pretty mainstream stuff, clearly.

The IVF protest also tells us more about the Prisoners Legal
Service that curiously picked Matilda up straight out of University.

At that protest, in her capacity as Brisbane co-ordinator
for the Prisoners Legal Service, was one Karen Fletcher who
just happens to have been a member of the Democratic Socialist Party [later the
Socialist Alliance] for over twenty years, standing as their candidate in
elections for the New South Wales Legislative Assembly (1995); the House of
Representatives (1996); and the Queensland Senate (in both 1990 and 2001). She
was still writing for Green Left Weekly as late as 2014.

It looks a lot like Karen and Matilda got along so well that
they ended up working together the very next year. Imagine that.

The Queensland Labor government saw nothing wrong with these
extremist connections.

In fact that government was so happy to associate with
Trotskyist extremists who had very recently been representatives of groups that
wanted to overthrow the Australian government that they gave over $400,000
dollars to Matilda to police the speech of “evil homophobes” during the same
sex marriage debate.

The woman gifted with this mandate for internet
thought-policing, and put in charge of all this taxpayer money, was a Marxist
activist with a long history of associating with the most violent political
extremists in this country. A woman who in her own words believes that
Feminism, anti-capitalism, queer rights and environmentalism need to be
enforced via a violent revolution, and also that:

“There seems to be a misconception that freedom of speech
allows you to say whatever you want”.

She fulfilled the faith that the government had placed in her. Matilda and her crew identified 220 examples of people thinking wrong thoughts during the same sex marriage plebiscite and filed charges against 25 of them.

Isn’t it great when
the government can outsource the persecution of dissidents to non-government
contractors? Gives you faith the free market it really does.

But now Matilda and her friends are on to the next victims. People who disagree that drag queens are appropriate entertainment for small children. We can only hope that the wider right of centre community shows more solidarity with people standing up for what they believe this time than they have in the past. After all this isn’t about a drag queen, it’s about a communist attempting to legally persecute conservatives for standing up for what is probably the most conservative principle, that gender is not a social construct but an indelible part of who we are.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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