One of my more pleasant diversions in recent weeks has been watching as Avi Yemini humiliates Melbourne Marxists on camera. It’s hilarious to watch.

The tiny Torah-loving terror was interviewing some of the organisers of a “free Hong Kong” rally in central Melbourne, when two local Marxists interrupted. They told the two puzzled-looking people Mr Yemini was interviewing not to talk to him as he was a very bad right-wing-Nazi-fascist-Zionist-racist who should be made to leave because the rally was a “left-wing demonstration”.

Melbourne Marxists just keep walking into Avi’s traps. It’s like he’s the Roadrunner and they keep standing under the big ACME anvil.

The Marxist woman who seemed to be leading the “intervention” was wearing a t-shirt advertising the Socialist Alternative electoral front group, the “Victorian Socialists”. She later confirmed her allegiance, proclaiming that she loved Communism and that she was a “proud Communist”. She seemed shocked when a local Asian man wrapped in an old Hong Kong flag contradicted her about Yemini being welcome while denouncing socialism, declaring: “socialism leads to communism”.

So much for being a “left-wing demonstration”.

Our poor little Marxist muffin quickly tried to escape from the confrontation she had initiated. A conversation that had started with her demanding that Avi leave “her” demonstration ended with her begging Avi to stop filming her humiliation.

The video currently has over three hundred and fifty thousand views on Youtube and another hundred thousand on Twitter, with tens of thousands of comments. Our little try-hard authoritarian has now had more people laugh at her than she will ever meet in her entire life.

Marxists in Australia have had a hard time supporting the protests in Hong Kong for a number of reasons. The first big one being that China is still nominally a Marxist state with Marxism as the official ideology. This hasn’t proven as big an obstacle as you might think, since most Australian Marxists (including Socialist Alternative and the Victorian Socialists) are Trotskyists who have been fighting their China-aligned Communist cousins since the 1970s. Notably, during one 1978 brawl involving the two sides at La Trobe university, a group of Maoist students threw a Trotskyist through a plate glass window. So, coming out in opposition to the CCP hasn’t been their biggest issue.

The biggest issue is that the current Socialist Alternative leadership sees the conflict between the protesters and the Chinese government as a front in a new Cold War between China and the USA, and while they might not like the Chinese Communist Party, they hate and loathe the United States as the font of all evil. The fact that some Hong Kong protesters have been waving US flags and even (as reported by The Unshackled) singing “God Save the Queen” in groups makes things even harder for our poor little local Commies.

But at the same time, the three-decades-old strategy of Socialist Alternative has been that they MUST be in charge of any protest movement in Australia and that if they can’t get into a controlling position in a particular campaign group, it must be crushed.

So, the response to this rather large contradiction? Scream racism, of course.

It doesn’t matter that the people protesting in Hong Kong are Chinese, that most of the protesters in Australia are Chinese and that the people attacking them are also Chinese. Socialist Alternative’s brains trust has managed to trawl through this mess of facts that contradict its worldview and discovered that it is all racist white people’s fault, again.

Shocking, I know.

This has led to the hilarious and absurd spectacle of Socialist Alternative Queensland publicly denouncing Greens Queensland Convenor and former Senator Andrew Bartlett for helping to create an atmosphere of “White Nationalism” (and risking bringing back the anti-Chinese gold rush era riots) for giving a speech to a crowd at UQ made up of leftists, Falun Gong followers and a Tibetan Monk.

The group has even made the headline article of “Marxist Left Review” (its magazine for advanced Marxist theory) a long explanation by RMIT academic and Socialist Alternative organiser Liam Ward of how support for the Hong Kong protesters by white Australians is really anti-Chinese racism. Socialist Alternative UQ has even invited University of Sydney academic David Brophy (a man notorious for being a critic of Chinese government critics) to come and speak at a Socialist Alternative meeting on campus to explain to why American influence in Australia is worse than that of the CCP.

Should be scintillating.

Considering this background, the fact that Socialist Alternative members have the gall not only to try and hijack a pro-Hong Kong demonstration but to police who gets to attend, it is horrifying. These people are disgusting, their ideology murderous and not even the piles of millions of innocent corpses their philosophy has created over the last hundred years have had the slightest effect on their obnoxious sense of entitlement or their ability to recruit new young idiots to their cause.

Three decades ago, their kind were useful idiots for the Soviet Union, and useful idiots they remain. Only the beneficiary has changed.

In any case, I personally can’t wait to see which little far-left numpties Avi Yemini humiliates next. There are few groups of people more deserving.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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