Going back onto the absolute hellsite that is Twitter proved to be interesting as amidst the current ugly & toxic season of Australia’s worst car-crash reality television show, the Canberra swamp and it’s main plot of federal parliament’s toxic culture against women was being played out on the site, a lone Australian managed to find an issue with a popular ice-cream product in the name of Golden Gaytime.

More specifically, this lone Australian (who goes by the name “Brian Mc”) wants to eliminate the word “gay” from the popular ice-cream product because (and this is his reasoning), that “as a part of the LGBTIQ+ community I believe my sexual identity is owned by me,” and has already kickstarted a petition to get it removed.

Already, the names of other popular brands have been deliberately removed and/or changed to fit the unruly & extremely unreasonable demands of the woke social justice loons, most notably, Coon Cheese was changed to Cheer Cheese because of the word “coon” whilst Nestle’s Redskins and Chicos lollies were also changed.

Now all of this may seem utterly ridiculous and may not have a large consequential impact on wider society (especially with the fact that Australia is more focused on it’s economic recovery as it comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis), but this is cancel culture in action.

More recently, Woolworths cravenly caved into a single tweet regarding it’s Boomerang chicken and had it changed to “V Wings” after a lone customer took to Twitter to say that the name (boomerang chicken) was an “unnecessary and disrespectful cultural appropriation” (despite not elaborating further how it was an act of cultural appropriation).

And without thinking, the fecklessly & spinelessly weak supermarket giant caved in and changed the wording. All to appease some random loon on Twitter making such ridiculous accusation all to try and get Woolworths to change the name of a chicken cut.

And although it may not seem big, everyday we’re seeing more & more of what we love being name-changed, removed and/or censored and even pulled from various services just so the insufferable and neurotically entitled dullards can be appeased.

But here’s the catch….you can’t appease them because it’s never enough.

After the re-emergence of Black Lives Matter last year over the homicide of George Flyod in Minneapolis, the cancel culture enthusiasts immediately turned into nouveau red guards and began to go after television shows & products that were deemed “racist”. And like the brainwashed radical youths of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, they began to destroy & ruin them from pulling Gone With the Wind (And that was despite Hattie McDaniel being the first black American actress to have won an Oscar for her performance in Gone With the Wind) to erasing Aunt Jemima and even removing Little Britain, they didn’t care whether people were against their actions, they just were capitalising on the evolving situation to begin reshaping their society to their own idealised utopia.

And this latest cancel culture craziness is no different, in fact Brian MC declaring that since he’s a part of the LGBTIQ community, he owns the sexual identity and so therefore, Golden Gaytime cannot take it away from him for their ice-cream product.

What an incredible level of entitlement.

This is essentially the same as the whole “my culture is not your prom dress” social justice fiasco many years ago, but instead replace culture with LGBTIQ sexual identity & prom dress with a ice-cream product.

But Brian’s reasoning gets even more ridiculous, as he believes that it should be changed as it’s offensive to the LGBTIQ+ community and that other brands have changed for racial reasons whilst Golden Gaytime is about sexuality, but that it’s still discrimination under the law.

“Under the law they are seen the same, discrimination means being treated unfairly or not as well as others because of a protected characteristic like age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race or disability.”

Change the name Golden Gaytime-change.org

But up to now, there haven’t been anybody who have felt discriminated or feel this offended over the name of an ice-cream product. Yet somehow, it’s seen as an act of discrimination from one lone gay Australian man.

And he has made it clear that the issue isn’t about him (despite the earlier aforementioned statement that his LGBTIQ+ sexual identity is owned by him and not Golden Gaytime) and tries to justify why he wants the word “gay” removed from the ice-cream product.

Telling his story from being raised in a Catholic household to attending Church & attempting conversion therapy to cast away the “gay demons” to being disowned and excommunicated from the Church & to being called a “faggot”, spat on & told to die during his 20’s, he ends his short justification by saying that just being a gay man in 2021 is hard.

And whilst Brian’s story is sympathetic, it still doesn’t detract from the utter uselessness of removing the word gay from Golden Gaytime. Such as how it’ll help lift Australian gays in the land down under?

If anything, gay Australians aren’t as oppressed and suffering as many within the LGBTIQ would like you to believe. Take it from me, a happy homosexual young Australian who feels and lives quite comfortably in a first-world economically developed nation. Nothing really bothers or oppresses me.

However, many gays in certain parts of the world aren’t so lucky. They don’t live in harmonious society where they’re treated equally as straight people are, and I’m talking about the Arabic and Islamic countries where homosexuals are treated as criminals, where it’s literally a legalised crime that can see them being publicly flogged or worse, sentenced to death for committing a homosexual act. These are the real injustices in which a strong unbending coalition of developed nations must stand together and campaign for those Arabic/Islamic nations to overturn their backward prejudiced laws.

And it’s sad to see the LGBTIQ community in the west only care about such innocuous and ridiculous nonsense such as whether a goddamn ice-cream should be changed because it’s taking away their sexual identity.

They don’t truly care about the LGBTIQ+ community, it’s all about them and their narcissistic ego. Believing that they deserve to reshape our society (via means of cancel culture) in order to satiate their own instability & ego fragility, whilst not caring about real-world injustices such as how homosexuals are treated in certain parts of the world.

So Brian might say that he’s doing this for the LGBTIQ+ community, it won’t do a damn thing for his peers. Their live’s are gonna magically change overnight (unlike Cinderella & her Fairy Godmother). If anything, this’ll irritate consumers and those who enjoy a Golden Gaytime and will only further push cancel culture to attack everything else that we love and have taken for granted.

So now it’s up to Streets/Unilever (since the ball is now in their court) and let’s hope that they won’t yield to a lone Australian gay man and suddenly change the name of their ice-cream product all to satiate his own instability & ego fragility. He might say that the name should be changed since so many within the rainbow community “struggle” as their sexuality is packaged (yes it’s in the petition-I’m not making it up), But in actual fact, when the ice-cream first came out, gay didn’t necessarily mean homosexuality & homosexual couples. But rather, it meant having a joyous and a happy time.

It’s quite sad actually to see this happening, individuals who wield the power in the cancel culture social justice cult tend to be royally miserable & utterly humourless individuals who want to inflict their emotional instability & misery onto the rest of society. They demand that certain things must go, be changed and/or pulled from whatever services they’re from so we (as a collective society) can be as utterly miserable and humourless as they are.

And this Golden Gaytime case is just another example of why we must stand strong against cancel culture. Because if we allow coward culture to thrive, then we’ll make cancel culture thrive as well. And with cancel culture comes narcissists with selfish motives and agendas, hoping to realign and reshape society to their own delusional idealised utopia.

Cancel culture is real. No longer confined to university campuses but now widespread attaching itself to every facet of society. Like the absolute cancer it is.

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